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Unban Appeal
IGN- samhallxox

Banned on- In game on gm+ factions

Date banned- 4.6.17

Ban reason- Reach hacking        

Staff username- Moooshrooom

Reason for unban- I started playing on the server about a week ago and i really enjoy the community and the layout of the server. I wouldn't want to hack on the server because it ruins the game for other players and can be quite annoying to deal with. I think it's amazing how quick the staff came on to the server once someone had reported me as most servers wouldn't bother or would take more time to handle it. Im sorry if this is just wasting your time, i just wanted to inform you that i dont hack and if theres a way you want me to prove it then i will. At the time i was using windows10 but usually don't.
Mooshroom has resigned and its hard to know who banned who due to me being busy, I'm sorry for you getting banned but I'm not in control of unbanning players.
Moosh has currently returned as staff. Please reply below if this thread still needs attention from staff

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