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Idk why you should read this
You will be a genius if you know the answers.

I won't be telling the answers.

I'll do it on another thread.

The questions has to do with literally anything.


1. What do you call an old man that counts slowly?

2. If I had ten slices of pizza and someone takes two, what do I have?

3. Oh, take a kind update. What does that mean?

4. Ooh, I got all my fingers. And I go chop, chop, chop. If I miss a single finger, then my fingers will come off. And if I hit my fingers, the blood will soon come out. And that's all why I play this game, and that's what it's all about. How many fingers did I chop?

5. What's my best friend's name? [Its a female btw] [And only the first name shall do.]

6. Idk what to do here.


Dere you go.

And if you can answer all of them correctly, you r a genius.
My confidence is getting lower and lower each hour.

_(´ཀ`」 ∠)_

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