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New Server
Dear GM Plus,

I was thinking maybe you could open a new server.
now I'm not saying that you should,
except your servers aren't as populer as they used to be.
when you opened factions that was your most populer because it was new, already had a full server to try and people just joining new servers.
If you did open up a new server it could be a skyblock or skywars, why?
Because skyblock/skywars has like 10 servers that are still up, but if you did what you did with your factions it could be the top skyblock/skywars server.
Skyblock is basicly just plots and factions in the sky,and Skywars is Survival Games in the sky.
Now if you did make the server I was wondering,
Could I be a Admin?

The replacement of that dreaded S6LoloshaDew
Lover of potatos

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