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Staff Application
Username: mcpegamer28

Age: I am 12 ( soon being 13)

Have You Been Warned/ or banned before: I didn't get warned or get banned before

Do You Have Discord?(if so, please provide your discord username) : mcpegamer28#8327

What country do you live in : I live in the Philippines

What is the timezone of your country : UTC+08:00

How much time can you dedicate to monitor the server daily : 4hours or more . It depends on what time my school ends

What Server Would You Like to Apply for : GM + Faction 

What Experience do you have from monitoring other Minecraft servers,and are u part of any other servers : I've been staff on most mcpe server like cosmic and other pc servers , my experience on being staff isn't hard , if u put a work on it and be mature to it , not like other staff that abused and do whatever they want just to get to the top

Why do you want to be a staff member? what made you motivated to make this application : I want to be a staff member because I want to help new players like answering they're questions like how do I create a faction or how do I start . because sometimes staff aren't online and because of my timezone I can notify the players more 
Than any staff does .

Rate Yourself , on a scale of 1-10 ,how mature do you think you are?Why? : I would rate myself a 9/10 even if I'm still 12 , I can handle myself on not being an immature , I can be alone on our house and be matured enough to be alone when I'm going somewhere far and matured enough to get my own credit card . But I do make mistake sometimes .not all humans are perfect

Any Other Information You want to tell us : My real name is EmjayNSaguni , I am a highschool student from a lovely town and country. . Sorry For My English . I Am A pilipino and still learning  Smile Heart Heart Tongue

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