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Builder Application
Username: Matty02;

Age: 15 (May 31 2002);
MotivationI'm a simple lover of construction on minecraft, I started building for the first time with a small one with small, simple constructions where I was the base of everything. With the passage of time I improved especially in the aesthetic field, in fact my buildings are very detailed (secodno me). In conclusion my motivation is this: I came here because I would like to show GM staff my skills that I learned over time. 
Previous Builds/Works

[Image: IMG_3417.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2929.jpg]
This is a flying island that I compiled a couple of days ago in my survival world;

Time: about  3-4 hours;

ExtrasIf you can not see the flying island well let me know that I do another screenshot from the nearest one.

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